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Associazione Italo-Americana

November 8, 2016 - 21:00 Auditorium - PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED / REGISTRAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA: Participants will be asked to show confirmation of registration upon arrival/L’accesso all’evento sara’ consentito previa presentazione all’ingresso della conferma di registrazione.

Election Night – The US Electoral College and Electoral System
Followed by a Roundtable Discussion with Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe Students

Erik Jones
Johns Hopkins University SAIS, Italy

Organized by the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe, Nomisma and Associazione di cultura e studio italo-americana «Luciano Finelli Friends of the Johns Hopkins»

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Associazione Italo-Americana
Luciano Finelli
"Friends of the Johns Hopkins University"

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